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custom cakes

Please fill out a contact form for orders

*please allow at least one weeks notice on cake orders 


all cakes are three round layers of cake with two layers of buttercream


sizes, servings & base price:

4 inch: 2-4 people ($20)

6 inch: 6-8 people ($40)

8 inch: 10-15 people ($50)

10 inch: up to 28 people ($60)

12 inch: up to 40 people ($70)

         cake flavors:                                            




-red velvet

-chocolate chip






   fillings (additional $5)


-fresh fruit

-fruit compote (raspberry, strawberry or blueberry)

-lemon curd

-chocolate mousse

-whipped cream


-caramel sauce 

-german chocolate cake filling (coconut & pecan)





-cream cheese


-peanut butter


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